Thumbs Up - Sharing Our Success...

2016 Summer Zone campers have transformed into youth mentors. A handful of our 8th grade students come together weekly, during their lunch period to learn about what it takes to be a friend, a leader, and an active citizen. These skills are then translated into our after school program where mentors act as role models. Each week they support, encourage and teach elementary students. This tiered model builds stronger connections and a sense of community within and outside the school environment.

Our Services...

Academic Support

  • Peer Supported Small Groups
  • Attendance Focus and Interventions

After School/Enrichment

  • Health and Wellness Activities
  • Leadership Skills (Mentorship)
  • Character Education
  • NYS Mentorship Program
  • Community Partnerships

Empowerment and Skill Building

  • 8th Grade Lunch Group
  • Mindfulness
  • Peer Relationships
  • Social Skills & Leadership Skills

Family Education and Engagement

  • Regular Communications with Parents/Guardians
  • Home Visits
  • Open House
  • Community/School Bulletin Board
  • Family Engagement Events
  • Parent Cafes
  • Aftershool Celebration

Summer Zone

  • Tiered Approach Connecting Middle, High, and College Students
  • Higher Education Focus
  • Overnight Visit to Binghamton University
  • Summer Youth Employment
  • Leadership Skills
  • Civic Engagement Opportunities - Mayor Mondays