Thumbs Up - Sharing Our Success...

Promise Zone at Jennie F. Snapp has grown tremendously this year! Last year, many students were unaware of Promise Zone and programs/services offered. A plan to help increase the awareness of Promise Zone was for the Community School Coordinator to present to 5th grade classrooms (last year of elementary school) in May/June of 2016. Students were given information on programs and handouts to take home to their parents/guardians. When school began in September, students flooded the doors of Promise Zone and when phone calls were made to families, many parents/guardians reported that they knew about the program! Presenting to the 5th grade classrooms will occur annually as it helps increase Promise Zone attendance and awareness!

Our Services...

Academic Support

  • One-on-one Support During and After School
  • Attendance Focus and Interventions
  • Study Hall/Lunch Drop-Ins
  • Intern Support Teachers in Classroom
    MP1: 9 teachers participated (various subjects/grades)

Promise Zone Programs / Services

  • After School Binghamton University Mentoring Program (Mondays- Year Round)
  • Lunch Time Trivia
  • Lunch Time Movement (Dancing)
  • Keyboarding/Computer Skills (6 Weeks - 2x/Week)
  • Cider Mill Field Trip (10/31/2016)
  • Social Skills Groups:
    * Pz Interns And Teacher Collaboration 

Family Education and Engagement

  • Parent Cafes/Family Fun Nights: (Mp1)¬†
    • BINGO
    • Disney Trivia
    • Family Feud
    • Movie Night (A Monster in Paris)

Summer Zone

  • 5 Week Summer Program At JFS
  • Enrichment, Community Involvement, Building Memories
  • Field Trips:
    • Broome Community College
    • Binghamton University (Bvernight - Campers Slept In Dorm Rooms)
    • Dorchester Park
    • Corning Museum Of Glass