Thumbs Up - Sharing Our Success...

Chenango Valley began its partnership with Promise Zone this school year. Promise Zone is excited to work with faculty and staff at Chenango Bridge Elementary School (CBES) and the district at large to offer services and resources for the district. The focus this year is to support the faculty at CBES through Professional Development Presentations at monthly faculty meetings. Presentations have begun during the first marking period of the academic year. One fo focused on Reframing for Success, providing the opportunity to hone a strength based approach when working and building relationships with students and families. The second presentation looked at multigenerational families, specifically grandparent-led families and the unique challenges and opportunities that emerge with teaching and interacting with students that are raised by grandparents. In each session, faculty walked away with strategies to use with both parents and students. Resources in the community, as well as a handout on the challenges for grandparents and opportunities to support the families, were distributed.
To support the entire district, Promise Zone offers access to community resources for both the faculty/ staff and for the families as well as informative articles for distribution. Topics for these articles have included: Attendance; and how to handle Holidays and School Breaks. Information on Community Resources was also provided as it supports the adage, “It Takes a Village to Raise a Child” and there is most definitely support in Chenango Valley! Promise Zone looks forward to this continued partnership!

Our Services...

Professional Development

  • Monthly mini professional development for staff at CBES
    • Reframing – Use of Positives
    • Intergenerational families work Stress Management
    • Stress Management
  • Additional professional development sessions district wide as requested
Family Engagement Support
  • Family Resource Room Support
    • Community Brochures 
    • Agency Connections

Resource and Referral Support

  • Community Resources Connections
    • One on One request as well as group information
    • General support for Middle School Annual Wellness Day

District Article Support

  • Newsletter & Article Support
  • CBES Monthly Family Newsletter/District Newscaster
  • Topics have included
    • Attendance
    • Stress Management
    • School Connections