Thumbs Up - Sharing Our Success...

I am new to the Promise Zone this year and am very happy to share with you all we have been doing at both BOCES sites. We are very lucky to have been given four amazing interns, two at each site, who share the Promise Zone vision. They have each developed rapport with staff and students and work with so much dedication and enthusiasm to further the BOCES mission for student success. Interns work in the classroom to provide emotional support for students and outside the classroom during lunch and other unstructured activities. They have been doing small group activities with students and working with social workers and teachers to develop lessons related to age appropriate social interactions. In addition, interns are available for students on drop in basis in the Promise Zone area.
With the energy of these interns, we have been able to implement some new initiatives in the schools. The Girl Up and the Wise Guys programs are run in conjunction with the Family Planning Center of South Central New York and include discussions and activities related to healthy and safe personal interactions. Our Coat Drive has resulted in several students being provided with warm winter coats donated by the school and Promise Zone community. Promise Zone interns help coordinate the weekly Back Pack Program with the support of the Food Bank of the Southern Tier, handing out 28 bags of food to students each week. They will also work to help facilitate student participation in taking advantage of local dental health services though the county provided Dental Vans.

Our Services...

Academic Support and Classroom Work

  • BU Interns work in the classrooms in the Alternative Middle School and in the Crossroads Program (a middle school level Special Education Program for at risk students with an IEP) providing emotional and academic support both one and one in small groups

Individual Emotional Support

  • Individual emotional support during Drop-In times

Empowerment and Skill Building Groups

  • Interns working with BOCES social workers on girls’ group, “Girl Up”
    • Works under the guidance of Health Educators from Planned Parenthood of the Southern Tier and deals with healthy and safe relationship building and sexuality
Southern Tier Backpack Program
  • Serving 28 students with food to take home each week
Coat Drive
  • BU Interns spearheaded coat drive which brought in approximately 2 dozen coats to students in need