Thumbs Up - Sharing Our Success...

This year, Promise Zone began working at Roosevelt Elementary School on the Northside of Binghamton. Promise Zone has been working with the school to begin a small lunch group to work on social-emotional skills. The students in this group have shown improvements at school and teachers and school staff are recognizing the growth in the students. Feedback came from a teacher and guidance counselor stating that they were happy that these students were a part of this group and it has been a good resource for the students. With one student in particular, they saw him making improvements in his attitude toward school since he began working with Promise Zone. Promise Zone has also started Parent Cafes in the school providing parents/guardians with resources and a connection to the school staff.

Our Services...

Individual Support
  • One-on-one social-emotional support
  • Attendance focus and interventions as needed

After School/Enrichment

  • Homework help with teacher support

Family Engagement

  • Monthly Parent Cafes at the school
  • Provide contact/home visits for new families
  • Referrals to community resources provided to families

Lunch Groups

  • Social-emotional skills group with MSW intern