Thumbs Up - Sharing Our Success...

On October 26th, Promise Zone hosted a community clean up that emphasized civic engagement and promoted a clean and healthier environment for all community members. Various student groups, teams, and organizations helped to make this community clean up a huge success. Members of the track team, the Patriot Project, Brothers, Binghamton University interns, and BHS staff members all contributed to this effort. Students helped to promote a cleaner environment by picking up garbage, raking leaves, and utilizing a neighborhood checklist to assess the quality of the environment and determine what can be fixed. The neighborhood checklist assessed aspects of the community such as the quality of the sidewalks, roads, landscaping, traffic signs and homes. The students demonstrated impressive leadership and civic engagement skills by collaborating with each other to improve the appearance and well-being of the community. After the clean-up, there was a group discussion and students gave feedback on how they think they can improve the community and also how they can improve future clean ups. One idea for a future clean-up is to collaborate with community members and local business owners to combine efforts and spread awareness on how this is a community issue and all community members should value and participate in civic engagement. Overall, the community clean-up was a great experience for students. Not only did the clean-up count for community service hours required for seniors to graduate, but also offered an invaluable experience to support students in gaining the critical understanding of civic engagement and the incredible impact it can create.

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