The Drug Free Community Initiative, as a new initiative awarded in the fall of 2016, will support the work of BOAC (Broome Opiod Abuse Council). ( DFC will include a youth focus to BOAC by building on initiatives existing in our community that place our youth at risk for substance abuse; reduce risk factors and enhance protective factors; increase community collaboration and awareness; and create a healthier, safer community. Town Hall Presentations, Community Events and the implementation of the Prevention Needs Assessment (PNA) survey will be among some of the activities support through this initiative.

For more information please contact:

Maria Fabrizi, Drug Free Communities Coordinator



Family Fun Nights

The Family Fun Nights are part of the broader effort to make Broome County a better place to live. These events occur during the summer months and provide opportunities for families to come together in safe drug free atmosphere and enjoy activities while learning about what their community has to offer.

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Prevention Needs Assessment

The Prevention Needs Assessment is an initiative that benefits students, families, schools and the community as a whole that will allow districts and the community to assess trends, needs and programs to support students and families to be successful in school, life and career.

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