Group of Promise Zone Participants

“It’s a fun, respectful and nice place to be!” - Promise Zone Student

“Thankful. [Promise Zone is] such a great asset to our building and district. I really think it helps students and gives them the support they need in a safe space. It’s also a wonderful resource for parents.” - School Associate Principal

“Promise Zone means many things. It gives you an amazing chance to meet new people and help out with your community, and let's not forget it teaches you the importance in being yourself.” - Promise Zone Student

“The Promise Zone students challenge us in the most important ways; to be authentic, honest and supportive no matter what. They make me a better person.” - Community School Coordinator

“The Promise Zone is a place where the children of [the school] are able to open up inside, talk about the troubles that have been bothering them, it’s a place where they can be free and cool down from drama that been going on. ‘Freedom’ to a certain extent.” - Promise Zone Student

“Feedback came from a teacher and our guidance counselor and they both stated they were happy that [the Binghamton University Promise Zone intern] has been a good resource for the kids in the building, and that with one student in particular they see him making some improvements in his attitude towards school and his behavior since he began working with [the Binghamton University Promise Zone intern]. We're so lucky to have you guys here!” - School Social Worker

“Promise Zone means so much to me! It's like a second home for the summer. PZ has introduced me to people I now call my closest friends and has built stronger friendships with the ones I already had. I am so thankful for the opportunities given to me through the program and I am so excited for what's ahead!” - Promise Zone Student

“Promise zone is awesome, I love going there on my lunch. [The Binghamton University Promise Zone intern] is the best!” - Promise Zone Student

Group of Promise Zone Participants“I feel so incredibly fortunate to work with [the] Promise Zone. [The Community School Coordinator] is an integral part of our [school] Guidance/Administrative team and a huge support to our students and families. I look forward to our continued connection and coming up with new and different ways to help our students.” - School Guidance Counselor

“Promise Zone is a safe place for me.” - Promise Zone Student

“Promise Zone is a safe place to just get away from people starting problems.” - Promise Zone Student

“Promise Zone is a safe place to come when you’re upset and want to hang.” - Promise Zone Student

"Being a part of this amazing movement to help build the foundation of a community school has been extremely rewarding." - Community School Coordinator

“I enjoy coming here, [the Community School Coordinator] is the nicest.” - Promise Zone Student

“This place is awesome!” - Promise Zone Student